Athena Consulting
Athena Consulting


The role of an independent counselor like “Athena Consulting” is to bring out the best in each of our students. We assess the students’ academic and non-academic performance, their interests & personality in order to come with a personalsed plan for college admission. We will match the student's goals with colleges that will be able to address his or her needs. As "ethical" counselors, we will help students navigate the college admissions maze; however we will not write essays nor attempt to invent activities

Our aim is for our students to be accepted by colleges in the US, to the best of their strength and ability. There are no shortcuts or tricks for a student to get admitted. The effort must come from the student but through our support and guidance. The idea is for the students to be matched to the most appropriate colleges i.e. best fit. We will guide them in the process so that standard testing is done at the planned, scheduled time, essays well written in advance, requests for recommendations well thought out and all possible contingencies are taken care of to the best of our abilities.

Athena Consulting Co.,Ltd.
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